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Anonymous asked: Do you not like sex?


Sex is fine, but I can get myself off.

Look, I don’t want a lover, I want a friend.
Someone who will call me intelligent instead of hot, clever instead of sexy, a goofball instead of cute. Someone who won’t put up with my dumb shit in hopes of staying on my good side just to get laid. Someone who will be as brutally honest with me as I am with them. Someone who will call me names and make fun of me and then laugh with me until I feel like I’m going to puke.

Seriously, why would I want to have lots of sex with anyone when we can have fun adventures. Sex is awesome, but genitals aren’t the only thing people have to offer, and it’s really depressing that entire cultures and life styles are based around the hopes of getting fucked. 


diana dreamer by Eleanor Parsons on Flickr.

昭和マッチ by kanekomimi on Flickr.